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1st Quarter | 2024

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Current market environment performance of dynamic, risk-managed investment solutions.

In December, 21 exchange-traded products (“ETPs”) were added to the ETF Deathwatch list and 37 were removed, bringing the total to 500.

Among the additions, 18 were due to low trading volume. The low volume in this product could be due to the nature of their investment product. Three additions were due to low assets under management (“AUM”), though they may have enough AUM to avoid closure. Our system takes into account both AUM and volume. If both remain low, these funds could be considered for closure.

Sixteen products were removed due to delisting, and 21 products were removed due to improved health.

Forty-five ETPs on Deathwatch this month have been in the market for at least 10 years, including many short ETPs.

The average asset level of the threatened ETPs on ETF Deathwatch decreased from $9.19 million to $9.13 million, and 35 products had less than $2 million in assets. The average age of products on the list increased from 47.19 months to 47.68 months, and the number of products at least 5 years of age increased from 112 to 118. The largest ETP on the list had an AUM of $24.89 million, while the smallest had assets of just $546,700.

Here is the complete list of 500 ETPs on ETF Deathwatch for December 2023 compiled using the objective ETF Deathwatch Criteria.

The 18 ETPs added to ETF Deathwatch for December due to low trading volume:

  1. Avantis International Small Cap Equity ETF (AVDS)
  2. Avantis All International Markets Value ETF (AVNV)
  3. IMGP Berkshire Dividend Growth ETF (BDVG)
  4. Xtrackers Semiconductor Select Equity ETF (CHPS)
  5. American Century Sustainable Growth ETF (ESGY)
  6. Future Fund Long/short ETF/The (FFLS)
  7. Global X US Cash Flow Kings 100 ETF (FLOW)
  8. Goldman Sachs Future Health Care Equity ETF (GDOC)
  9. iShares Copper and Metals Mining ETF (ICOP)
  10. iShares Large Cap Moderate Buffer ETF (IVVM)
  11. Innovator Premium Income 10 Barrier ETF-July (JULD)
  12. Innovator Premium Income 40 Barrier ETF-July (JULQ)
  13. Natixis Loomis Sayles Focused Growth ETF (LSGR)
  14. MUSQ Global Music Industry ETF (MUSQ)
  15. Xtrackers Cybersecurity Select Equity ETF (PSWD)
  16. WisdomTree Emerging Markets ESG Fund (RESE)
  17. Mid Cap US Equity Select ETF (RNMC)
  18. Xtrackers US Green Infrastructure Select Equity ETF (UPGR)

The 3 ETPs added to ETF Deathwatch for December due to low AUM:

  1. Avantis Moderate Allocation ETF (AVMA)
  2. ProShares UltraShort MSCI Japan (EWV)
  3. -1x Short VIX Mid-Term Futures Strategy ETF (ZIVB)

The 16 ETPs removed from ETF Deathwatch for December due to delisting:

  1. Roundhill BIG Bank ETF (BIGB)
  2. Roundhill IO Digital Infrastructure ETF (BYTE)
  3. Energy & Minerals Group EV Solar & Battery Materials Lithium Nickel Copper Cobal (CHRG)
  4. JPMorgan Sustainable Consumption ETF (CIRC)
  5. IQ Real Return ETF (CPI)
  6. Innovator Double Stacker 9 Buffer ETF-January (DBJA)
  7. Innovator Double Stacker ETF-January (DSJA)
  8. Roundhill Meme ETF (MEME)
  9. IQ Mackay Multi-Sector Income ETF (MMSB)
  10. IQ US Mid Cap R&D Leaders ETF (MRND)
  11. Corbett Road Tactical Opportunity ETF (OPPX)
  12. Innovator Triple Stacker ETF-January (TSJA)
  13. JPMorgan Social Advancement ETF (UPWD)
  14. V-Shares US Leadership Diversity ETF (VDNI)
  15. V-Shares MSCI World Esg Materiality And Carbon Transition ETF (VMAT)
  16. SPDR S&P Internet ETF (XWEB)

The 21 ETPs removed from ETF Deathwatch for December due to improved health:

  1. ETRACS MarketVector Business Development Companies Liquid Index ETN (BDCZ)
  2. Global X Blockchain & Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITS)
  3. JPMorgan Sustainable Infrastructure ETF (BLLD)
  4. Invesco BulletShares 2030 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (BSJU)
  5. Simplify Stable Income ETF (BUCK)
  6. Calvert US Select Equity ETF (CVSE)
  7. iShares ESG Aware Aggressive Allocation ETF (EAOA)
  8. Xtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets ESG Leaders Equity ETF (EMSG)
  9. Nuveen ESG Large-Cap ETF (NULC)
  10. Invesco Dorsey Wright Consumer Cyclicals Momentum ETF (PEZ)
  11. American Century Quality Convertible Securities ETF (QCON)
  12. IQ CBRE NextGen Real Estate ETF (ROOF)
  13. SEI Enhanced Low Volatility US Large Cap ETF (SELV)
  14. ProShares Long Online/Short Stores ETF (CLIX)
  15. Alpha Architect High Inflation And Deflation ETF (HIDE)
  16. iShares iBonds 2029 Term High Yield and Income ETF (IBHI)
  17. Global X Russell 2000 Covered Call & Growth ETF (RYLG)
  18. USCF SummerHaven Dynamic Commodity Strategy No K-1 Fund (SDCI)
  19. iShares Factors US Growth Style ETF (STLG)
  20. TCW Transform Supply Chain ETF (SUPP)
  21. US Treasury 5 Year Note ETF (UFIV)

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