Turnkey portfolios


Managing market risk on their journey to building wealth?

Multi-strategy Core

Preparing for what lies ahead with dynamic risk management

Helping clients reach their chosen destination can be challenging enough without limiting portfolios to one defensive tool. To navigate the risk that exists in each market environment, investors need a portfolio that can continuously respond to market changes with several defensive tools—aiming not only to smooth out market volatility but also to seek opportunities for growth.

Respond automatically to changes in market conditions

Smooth volatility in up and down markets

Employ multiple levels of risk management—mitigating steep losses in bear markets

Keep fees low while offering a turnkey, fully diversified investment solution

Take advantage of changing market environments

Manage exposure to risk

Clients can track their progress with our proprietary OnTarget Investing process

Navigating market risk requires more than just one tool

While it’s impossible to know what lies ahead in today’s complex and ever-changing markets, having the right tools can help clients chart a smoother course toward their financial goals.

Investors with traditional, passive portfolios of various asset classes depend on diversification alone to help them stay on course. This can leave them vulnerable to big losses when markets get rough, when most traditional asset classes tend to go down together.

Turnkey QFC portfolio solutions

Turnkey QFC portfolio solutions from Flexible Plan Investments offer a simple way to get the investment tools and dynamic risk management needed to traverse today’s markets. These ready-made options use a combination of diversified investment strategies designed to address risk and pursue opportunity in different market environments, not just when the market is doing well. The turnkey QFC portfolio solutions come in a variety of risk profiles to help ensure that personal risk tolerances and custom investment needs are met.

Each portfolio offers 3 levels of dynamic risk management

…which results in multiple benefits for investors

  • The confidence that their portfolio is working continuously to smooth out volatility.
  • The long-term compounding advantage of helping to avoid deep portfolio losses.
  • Access to sophisticated risk-management tools in an investment strategy customized to an investor's risk tolerance.

A true turnkey solution

Once a client and financial adviser have chosen the turnkey QFC portfolio solution that is most appropriate, the client's job is done. We will take care of the rest—monitoring, rebalancing, and trading the client's account to optimize strategy choices based on market conditions. We even evaluate new strategy additions and remove those that aren’t performing well, with no additional paperwork or hassle.

Delivered for as low as 0%*

Clients don’t have to worry about costs getting in the way of gaining the professional investment management they need. Because these portfolio solutions draw solely from Flexible Plan’s core and explore Quantified Fee Credit (QFC) strategies, we can offset all or a portion of our fees as a credit.

*0% example, on accounts exceeding $100,000 in AUM, pertains to Flexible Plan Investments’ (FPI) portion of the advisory fee after applicable fee credits. FPI will continue to bill the financial adviser’s portion of the advisory fee.