Market insights and analysis

How dynamic, risk-managed investment solutions are performing in the current market environment

4th Quarter | 2020

Market insights and analysis


Updates on how dynamic, risk-managed investment solutions are performing in the current market environment.

Staying relevant over the long run

I was listening to one of my favorite early morning radio shows last week. While it offers hard national and local news, it also features some lighter lifestyle stories. That can be a welcome change of pace these days.

No one thing leads to success

Watching the NFL playoff games this past weekend, I noticed the winning teams’ quarterbacks got much of the credit and much of the press. But there are 53 players on each team’s roster and many more behind them contributing to each team’s success.

4 unconventional ways to manage risk in your portfolios

Over the years I have written about “Plan B Investing” and “Just-In-Case Investing.” Both of these are similar but different.

Expectations that can lead to bad investing

This week I was listening to an expert on investor psychology who stated, “Investors feel comfortable investing when markets are behaving as they expect.” That made me think about the piece I recently wrote about the emotions of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) and their often negative influence on investors’ decisions.

Kudos to financial advisers—and their clients

I wrote an article before Thanksgiving that, in part, praised the efforts of frontline medical workers, first responders, teachers, and others for their efforts during the 2020 pandemic. We all remain thankful for their outstanding efforts this year. Additionally, our thoughts go out to all who have had medical, employment, or financial issues during this crisis, especially as we come up to the holiday season.