Market insights and analysis

How dynamic, risk-managed investment solutions are performing in the current market environment

4th Quarter | 2020

Market insights and analysis


Updates on how dynamic, risk-managed investment solutions are performing in the current market environment.

Last week, the gold spot price was down 1.11% and the U.S. Dollar Index was up 0.75%. The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund (QGLDX) lost 1.22% for the week. The value of the COMEX gold futures, which closes early at 1:30 p.m., was down 0.30% for the week. The short-duration fixed-income ETF holdings within QGLDX were up for the week, averaging about a 0.03% gain.

U.S. equity markets posted losses in all three indexes last week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 0.91%, the S&P 500 lost 1.48%, and the NASDAQ Composite lost 1.54%. Four of 11 sectors were up last week; Energy, which posted the largest gain, was up 3.13%. Two of the eight Quantified Funds were up last week: The Quantified Market Leaders Fund (QMLFX) was up 2.42%, the Quantified Common Ground Fund (QCGDX) gained 0.67%, the Quantified Managed Income Fund (QBDSX) remained neutral, the Quantified Tactical Fixed Income Fund (QFITX) was down 0.19%, the Quantified Pattern Recognition Fund (QSPMX) lost 0.27%, the Quantified Alternative Investment Fund (QALTX) was down 1.24%, the Quantified Evolution Plus Fund (QEVOX) was down 2.05%, and the Quantified STF Fund (QSTFX) was down 4.49%.

Equities were up significantly in the fourth quarter despite a dip in October. Domestic large-cap stocks were the worst performers, but the S&P 500 Index still gained more than 11%. The Russell 2000 small-capitalization index led the pack, gaining more than 30% for the quarter. Value stocks outperformed Growth for the quarter. Emerging markets gained over 18% for the quarter, and international developed stocks rose 15.7%.

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Gold prices consolidated last week, remaining above the 50-day moving average on the weekly chart and closing the week at $1,829.90 per ounce.