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The Industry Award finalist designation was given by on June 7, 2019 (for 2019) and August 8, 2016 (for 2016). The Industry Awards were judged by a panel of 14 industry leaders. Winners were selected based on quantitative measures of their initiatives—such as scope, scale, adoption, and feature set—along with qualitative measures such as innovation, creativity, and new methods of delivery. An application fee was paid in connection with this award.


In 1998, Flexible Plan Investments launched the For A Better World strategy. This actively managed solution is designed to provide investors exposure to funds that invest in ecologically and socially conscious companies. More than two decades later, For A Better World has demonstrated the performance potential of impact investing.

Although many socially responsible mutual funds exist in today’s market, few go beyond basic asset allocation to mitigate risk. Our low-cost, suitability-based QFC For A Better World strategy, powered by our Morningstar 5-star-rated fund*, is designed to invest exclusively in socially responsible companies while seeking to deliver risk-adjusted returns.



How it works
Within the Quantified Common Ground Fund (QCGDX), FPI starts with a universe of SRI stocks drawn from the S&P 1500 Index.
FPI creates over 50 baskets of these stocks managed by stock market and smart beta strategies.
FPI’s Evolution momentum strategy regularly ranks, screens, and rotates its investment among these stock baskets.
Risk-based suitability profiles are created by actively combining the QCGDX equity fund with the Quantified Government Income Tactical Fund (QGITX), The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund (QGLDX), and—when appropriate—a money-market fund that considers SRI factors.

*The Quantified Common Ground Fund was rated against the following numbers of U.S. Mid-Cap Blend Funds over the following time periods: 370 funds overall and 370 funds in the last three years. With respect to these Mid-Cap Blend Funds, the Quantified Common Ground Fund received a 5-star rating overall and 5 stars for three years.


Give 10% of our fees to charity

Flexible Plan's Give Back Program

This strategy allows investors to give back 10% of our net advisory fees collected for these strategies to a client-designated church, religious institution, or socially responsible charity.

Environmentally conscious investing

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