Investing with a purpose

Living Christian values through Faith Focused Investing

Faith Focused Investing

An increasing number of Christians are now seeking to align their investments with their faith. To answer this call, Flexible Plan Investments developed Faith Focused Investing, designed to offer actively managed, faith-focused portfolios.

After extensive research, we discovered a selection of mutual funds designed to invest in companies whose products and services align with traditional Christian values. These funds screen out companies that are involved in activities deemed counter to Christian teachings, such as gambling and alcohol.

While the number of Christian-based mutual funds has been growing, few go beyond basic asset allocation to mitigate risk. In addition to diversification, Faith Focused Investing uses a disciplined approach to actively select, monitor, and reallocate the funds within the program’s portfolios monthly. We also regularly screen and rotate the funds in each client’s portfolio to keep them invested in the qualifying funds with the leading performance, while seeking to avoid laggards that can erode portfolio returns.

Investment universe

Faith Focused Investing uses a select group of equity funds that invest exclusively in companies that reflect traditional Christian values. These may include funds from the following families:

  • Amana
  • Amidex35
  • Ave Maria
  • Azzad
  • BlueStar
  • Catholic Investor
  • Crossmark Steward
  • Dana Epiphany
  • Eventide
  • Global X
  • GuideStone Funds
  • Iman
  • Inspire
  • iShares MSCI
  • James Purpose Based
  • LKCM Aquinas
  • New Covenant
  • Praxis
  • SEI Catholic Values
  • Thrivent
  • Timothy Plan
  • VanEck Vectors
  • eVALUEator

    All funds have been screened for eVALUEator-based violations. Funds are screened regularly to select mutual funds to include in the Faith Focused Investing universe.


    Give 10% of our fees to charity

    Flexible Plan's Give Back Program

    This strategy allows investors to give back 10% of our net advisory fees collected for these strategies to a client-designated church, religious institution, or socially responsible charity.

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