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For A Better World


In 1998, Flexible Plan Investments launched the For A Better World strategy. This actively managed solution is designed to provide investors exposure to funds that invest in ecologically and socially conscious companies. More than two decades later, For A Better World has demonstrated the performance potential of impact investing.

Although many socially and environmentally responsible mutual funds exist in today’s market, few go beyond basic asset allocation to mitigate risk. Our For A Better World strategy, available for three risk profiles, uses funds designed to invest exclusively in socially responsible companies while seeking to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.


The strategy uses a disciplined approach to select and monitor the equity and fixed-income funds within the program’s portfolios. Reviewing the performance of the available funds on an ongoing basis, Flexible Plan regularly screens and rotates the funds to keep clients invested in the qualifying funds with the leading performance, while avoiding laggards that can erode portfolio success.


Investment universe

For A Better World uses a universe of funds designed to invest in socially responsible companies. Among others, the universe includes funds from the following families:

Calvert Mutual Funds

Calvert developed their mutual funds through a research process that “examines both a company’s fundamental financial performance, [as well as] its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.” Calvert’s goal is to “identify companies with strong management, solid business practices, and competitive long-term performance potential.”

Parnassus Funds

Working under the motto “Principles and Performance,” the Parnassus Funds are driven by the investment philosophy to “invest in businesses that have sustainable competitive advantages, increasingly relevant products, quality management teams and ethical business practices.”

Pax World Mutual Funds

Seeking to invest in “forward-thinking companies with sustainable business models,” Pax World Investments identifies the companies that make up its mutual funds by combining “rigorous financial analysis with equally rigorous environmental, social, and governance criteria.”


Give 10% of our fees to charity

Flexible Plan's Give Back Program

This strategy allows investors to give back 10% of our net advisory fees collected for these strategies to a client-designated church, religious institution, or socially responsible charity.

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