Client concerns: Volatility

How can I protect my investments from market volatility?

Piggy bank
Piggy bank

None of us can predict the market. But volatility doesn’t need to keep your clients up at night … not if they are educated and prepared. We can work with you to help them get there.

Market math doesn’t lie

Buy-and-hold investments can leave your clients vulnerable to harsh declines they may not have the time or risk capacity to handle.

Mathematics of declines and gains
Amount of market decline Gain needed to break even
-5% 5.3%
-10% 11.1%
-25% 33.3%
-33.3% 50%
-50% 100%
-75% 300%
-90% 900%

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Manage market volatility with dynamic risk management and strategic diversification

We offer several categories of strategies that place risk management first and provide your clients the flexibility to react to current market conditions. Learn more about how dynamic risk management and strategic diversification—the foundation of our strategies and approach to investing—can help your clients survive and thrive, even when the market roller-coasters.

More about dynamic risk management and how to build a portfolio for all market environments

Active management 101

A wealth manager should do more … go beyond “active” and “passive.” He or she should monitor and select investment strategies with a view to their volatility, in addition to their return.

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Rethink your risk management

As Jerry Wagner, president and founder of Flexible Plan Investments, often says, “Risk is always with us.” But when the next “grizzly bear market” rears its ugly head, will the risk-management strategies your clients have in place be enough?

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