Client concerns: Savings

Will I outlive my savings?

Your clients worry their retirement assets won’t last due to:

  • Longer life expectancies

  • Inflation

  • Taxes

  • Long-term health-care costs

  • Market volatility/corrections

Showing your clients how to manage risk and avoid excessive fees can help them squeeze more earnings out of their investments. Our Quantified Fee Credit (QFC) strategies provide low-cost, dynamically risk-managed investment solutions that can help your clients’ army of dollars protect them for a lifetime.

Investments that work smarter and harder: Two levels of dynamic risk management, one low fee

The QFC strategies use our subadvised Quantified Funds to deliver nine of our popular strategies at a net fee at least 25% lower than our standard fees.*

The QFC strategies also provide two levels of dynamic risk management:

  1. Dynamic, risk-managed strategies are used within the Quantified Funds.
  2. The QFC strategy portfolios are rebalanced and reallocated among the funds, as needed.

*For QFC Strategies the 35 basis points (bps) is the maximum advisor’s portion of the advisory fee directly charged for accounts held at E*TRADE Advisor Services; it’s a 50 bps maximum at Schwab and TD Ameritrade due to their higher fund platform fees. This fee results from the use of funds sub-advised by FPI. FPI’s sub-advisory fees are a credit against the Client’s advisory fee, which is billed by FPI inclusive of the share chosen by the Financial Advisor. Depending on the mix of the funds utilized, at E*TRADE Advisor Services the available credit can exceed 65 bps but would never be less. On other platforms, the credit is at least 50bps.

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QFC strategies

Sophisticated, dynamically risk-managed investments don’t have to come with a premium price tag. Learn how the QFC strategies can get your clients closer to their financial goals.

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A closer look at the QFC strategies

Take a deeper dive into the QFC strategies to learn how they perform in various market environments, how they fit into a diversified portfolio, and how to access them within an SMA.

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QFC fact sheets

Learn more about the purpose of each strategy and what methodologies and asset classes they use to get there.

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