Client concerns: Savings

Will I outlive my savings?

Dry well

Why your clients worry their retirement assets won’t last:

  • Longer life expectancies
  • Inflation
  • Taxes
  • Long-term health-care costs
  • Market volatility/corrections

Strategies designed with all markets and timelines in mind

Showing your clients how to manage risk and avoid excessive fees can help them squeeze more earnings out of their investments. Clients don’t have to worry about costs getting in the way of gaining the professional investment management they need. By using Flexible Plan’s turnkey Quantified Fee Credit (QFC) strategies, clients can offset all or a portion of our fees as a credit and still get the benefits of dynamic risk management on their accounts.

Our turnkey QFC strategies use our subadvised Quantified Funds to deliver many of our popular strategies at a net fee that is at least 25% lower than our standard fees.*

The turnkey QFC strategies also provide three levels of risk management:

*0% example, on accounts exceeding $100,000 in assets under management (AUM), pertains to Flexible Plan Investments’ (FPI) portion of the advisory fee after applicable fee credits. FPI will continue to bill your financial adviser’s portion of the advisory fee.

Help clients build wealth for a lifetime with turnkey QFC strategies

Turnkey investing

Sophisticated, risk-managed investments don’t have to come with a premium price tag. Learn how our turnkey QFC strategies can get your clients closer to their financial goals.

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A passive core is not enough

Download the Multi-Strategy Core whitepaper today to learn how to prepare for every bear market, the benefits of adding active exposure to passive allocation, and how adding a multi-strategy core to portfolios can help address those problems—and without the complexity and high fees you’d expect.

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