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2nd Quarter | 2021

Quarterly recap
What’s happening at FPI
Address changes at E*Trade

E*Trade’s Liberty website now allows account owners to edit their address and phone number. Details are available here.

Second-quarter E*Trade statements will be mailed shortly. Updating your address with E*Trade will help with timely delivery.

Flexible Plan summer hours

To thank Flexible Plan employees for their hard work and dedication, our office will close at 4 p.m. (EDT) on Fridays from June 4 through September to allow our staff to enjoy more of the summer.

Account paperwork processing

We have been experiencing longer-than-usual processing times at our custodian firms. Many of the custodians have indicated processing times of 7–10 days. Delays at the custodian are outside of our control. We appreciate your patience when processing new account paperwork and transfer requests.

Clients with E*Trade Advisor Services accounts will receive notice of upcoming custodian changes

E*Trade Advisor Services recently announced that it has entered into a formal agreement to be acquired by Axos Financial Inc., an industry leader in digital banking. The transition is expected to be complete by July 26, 2021.

Clients with E*Trade Advisor Services accounts received notice of the change of custodian to Axos Clearing, the consequent changes to their accounts (such as their new insurance protection), and an advance copy of Axos Clearing’s terms and conditions in the form of a Customer Account Agreement and Privacy Notice. Clients will not be required to take any action. For more information, see the E*Trade Advisor Services communication about the notification here.

An update with the latest information about the transition, including highlights of what is changing (specifically, information on investor online experience, updates to statements and reporting, and the collection of account holder information) and an FAQ, was sent recently. For more information, see the E*Trade Advisor Services communication here.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact our Client Services team at 800-347-3539, extension 1.

Change to TD Ameritrade’s Bank Sweep Program

On or after June 30, 2021, TD Ameritrade will be changing the “Excess Bank” for the Insured Deposit Account (IDA) Cash Sweep Program from TD Bank USA N.A. to Charles Schwab Bank, SSB.

Nothing is required from the client for this change to take effect. Clients are responsible for monitoring the total amount of deposits they maintain at the program banks to determine the extent of FDIC coverage available to them.

For more information, please see TD Ameritrade’s announcement communication here, and section 10j. Sweep Program in TD Ameritrade’s client agreement here.

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