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2nd Quarter | 2021

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Third-quarter statements

Third-quarter account summaries and OnTarget statements are scheduled to be delivered next month. For those clients who have elected to receive our correspondence electronically, be sure to go to ontargetinvesting.com to verify that we have your current email address in our system. If you haven’t already done so, you can contact Client Services at clientservices@flexibleplan.com or 800-347-3539, ext. 1, to set up e-delivery.

Updates to Axos Advisor Services account documentation

Axos Advisor Services recently mailed clients updates to important account documentation. You can view a sample client letter here. The letters also included the Axos Clearing Insured Deposit Program Terms and Conditions and updated plan documents for retirement accounts, if applicable.

Address changes at Axos Advisor Services

Axos Advisor Services’ Liberty website now allows account owners to edit their address and phone number.

Updating your address will help with the timely delivery of your Axos Advisor Services statements.

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